"Parishes should be close-knit communities, without bureaucracy, people-centered - a place where the gift of the sacraments can be found.
They have to become, once again, schools of service and generosity, with their doors always open to those who are excluded."



For Homegroup use you may find the FORMED website helpful as a resource.  The Parish has paid the subscription, sign up as a parishioner, please click here.

Once you have signed up (or signed in) search “Opening the Word”.

(Opening the Word consists of videos and guides offering prayer and insights for the Sunday Readings. Each reflection is lead by one of our experienced presenters including Dr. Tim Gray, Dr. Mary Healy, Dr. Scott Powell, Dr. Edward Sri, Fr. John Riley, Dr. Ben Akers, and Martha Fernandez. Opening the Word is designed to facilitate thought and discussion for personal faith formation or in the context of a group meeting.)

FORMED (The Catholic Faith on demand). The Parish has paid for the subscription to the Formed website. Click HERE to sign up at formed.org  Sign up and create an account as a parishioner by searching for the Parish of St Thomas Aquinas, Tauranga, New Zealand. Great Catholic content, movies, documentaries and much much more, for the whole family. 

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Sung with such passion and joy! The Blessing / Aotearoa / NZ Churches join together.  “He is for you. The Lord bless you and keep you.”  Have a listen, and enjoy….


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This has been sourced from the National Liturgy Office website. Click here for the link to the NLO site.

Launch of the NZpray2day app for Apple devices. 

Liturgical Calendar / Daily Reflections and much more.

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