"Parishes should be close-knit communities, without bureaucracy, people-centered - a place where the gift of the sacraments can be found.
They have to become, once again, schools of service and generosity, with their doors always open to those who are excluded."


Do any of these describe you?
  • Are you interested in learning more about Christianity and the Catholic Church?
  • Are you a baptised catholic who has not yet received First Holy Communion or Confirmation?
  • Are you married to a catholic and attend Mass, but just do not know what the next step is in becoming Catholic?
  • Would you like to better support your children at a Catholic school?

To learn more about the RCIA programme click here for a link to the Anchor magazine article / August 2021.


The RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) is held on Thursday evenings.   If you would like to learn more about the Catholic Faith, RCIA is primarily a course that helps adults from other faith backgrounds come to understand the Catholic faith as they prepare to be received into the church at Easter but we also encourage practicing parishioners to come along to help out as sponsors and to anyone who wishes to deepen their understanding of the Catholic Faith, all are welcome.

Click below for the 2024 – 2025 programme schedule

RCIA 2024 – 2025 schedule

Contact Katherine for more information and to express your interest. 

Ph: 0204 154 7782

Email: katherineabbott1994@gmail.com

Or complete and submit the form below.


We are here to help you explore our Catholic World and allow you to take the first steps into bringing Christ into your life.

About Faith

How does Faith fit in our modern world? Christianity can provide light to the mind and joy to the heart. We are spirits rooted in diversity but are existence can be made more rewarding with an understanding of our deep inner being.



The Parish also runs a Rite of Christian Initiation for young people (RCIC). This programme is for anyone aged 7 to 14yrs who is seeking to be baptised and become Catholic.   Please contact the Parish office to register.

The 2024 timetable has now been finalised, and begins in July, click below.

RCIC Timetable 2024