Baptism in the Parish of St Thomas Aquinas

Baptising your child is an important step – in fact, the first step in your child’s faith journey. It is therefore important that you, as parents, be fully informed and prepared. Baptism is one of the most precious gifts you can give to your child – the promise of eternal life, the gift of becoming a child of God and a beloved member of God’s family.

Parents sometimes defer the baptism of their child, saying, “We’re letting it be their choice.” The reality is that, unless a child is baptised as a child, they will probably not opt for baptism later on – and it’s a much longer process when they do.

In order to have your child baptised:

  1. Make an appointment to discuss your child’s baptism
  2. Attend a baptism preparation course (if this is your first child to be baptised)
  3. Schedule the date and time for your child’s baptism

Your child needs two godparents – at least one must be over 16 years of age, confirmed and a practising Catholic.

Baptism preparation courses are held monthly, at St Thomas More Church (Mt Maunganui) and at St Mary’s Church (alternately). The office will tell you where the course is to be held. It is preferred that you attend a baptism preparation course before your child is baptised.

If you live out of Tauranga, you may have your child baptised here (e.g. if you are visiting parents or family here) but you need to:

  • have the permission of your own parish priest
  • attend a baptism preparation course in your home parish, if available

Baptisms are generally held on Saturdays 12.30pm / 1pm.

Baptisms can be arranged at other times if there is good reason, and if a priest is available.

There is no fee to have your child baptised, but it is traditional to give a koha to the church on the occasion of your child’s baptism.

Baptism Course Dates 2024:

For course bookings at St Thomas Aquinas please contact the Parish office to enrol:

Ph. 578 6209

E Mail –

Bookings for the courses run at St Thomas More Church should be made through the Parish of All Saints by the Sea – their contact details are: or phone 575 4807

Fill out the baptism form below



Office Address: PO Box 15124, TAURANGA 3144 Telephone: (07) 578 6209 Email:
(One Godparent must be Catholic, at least 16 years of age, Confirmed and practising.)
Baptisms always take place in the church (except in emergencies) Please note that it is traditional to give a donation to the Church on the occasion of your child’s baptism.