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22nd July 2022

 29th July 2022

7th August 2022




  • for children who are in Year 5 or above, in the year they are enrolling in the programme
  • all lessons (Reconciliation, Confirmation and Eucharist) are held mainly on MONDAY afternoons, 4pm to 5.30pm at St Mary Immaculate Church.  Please ensure you check the schedule below for relevant dates.


 Lesson Outline - The Sacrament of RECONCILIATION:

  • The seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church
  • Forgiveness
  • How to go to Confession

Lesson Outline -  The Sacrament of CONFIRMATION:

  • Pentecost and the Holy Spirit
  • The Holy Spirit, the Trinity and Jesus' two natures
  • The practical aspects of receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation 

 Lesson Outline - The Sacrament of Eucharist:

  • The Mass
  • Liturgy of the Word
  • Liturgy of the Eucharist
  • Communion Rite of the Mass

All current information will be posted on the Parish website, Parish App, Parish Facebook page, and in the Parish newsletter.

 For any enquiries please contact:

Parish Office (Margie Cooper) - 578 6209

Parish email -


 Click here for a PDF of the Programme schedule:

Sacramental Programme 2022.jpg


(Reconciliation  /  Confirmation  /  First Eucharist)

The online enrolment for was posted on the website on Sunday 12th June 2022:

Enrolments CLOSED at 9pm on Sunday 17th JULY 2022.

This programme is a partnership between you as parents, your family, and the Parish.  We are pleased that you have chosen to participate in this programme, and in making a commitment to your child/children’s faith growth in further developing their relationship with our God.  We would appreciate it if you would make the following commitment which will ensure the success of the programme and maximise the benefit for your child:

We ask that your child:

  • Attend all lessons.

  • Attend Mass every Sunday.

  • Demonstrate appropriate behaviour during lessons and in the church.

  • Complete all worksheets and homework to a high standard.

  • Agree to “catch-up” on any lessons missed due to ill health. (Should this not occur they are not able to participate in the Sacraments).

  • First complete the Sacrament of Reconciliation before completing the other Sacraments.

LESSONS - MONDAY AFTERNOONS, 4pm to 5.30pm, at St Mary Immaculate Church.  STARTING ON MONDAY 8th AUGUST.  See the full programme schedule above, and please note the "Presentation Mass" dates.

Upon arrival at the church the children will gather as a main group and from there will be allocated into small groups around the church. Parents are invited, and encouraged, to stay for the duration of the lessons, and join in the small group discussions.

The children need to bring: 

  • Writing and colouring-in materials for completing pages in their workbooks.

  • Please ensure the children bring their workbooks each week .             


To ensure the success of this programme, for you and your child, we ask parents to attend the parent sessions - one for each of the Sacraments.  These will be held at St Mary Immaculate Church.   Please see the Programme timetable for details and pencil this in your calendar. 


To cover the expenses of delivering the programme, there is a $60.00 fee, which includes the cost of the student workbook, medal, certificate, photocopying and Confirmation afternoon tea etc.   This fee will be invoiced out in due course, by the Parish office, via email.  If paying via internet banking please ensure you code/reference your child’s FULL NAME along with the payment. If you wish to discuss any payment issues please do not hesitate to contact the Parish office.

Parish of St Thomas Aquinas, TAURANGA.  Ph. (07) 578 6209;  Email: